Comic Book Girl & Jem and The Holograms


I am all about Halloween costumes. I really adore DIY Halloween costumes! The entire process is just so much fun. The planning, creating, and knowing that what you have came from your two hands.

I guess that’s why I’m one of those moms who make their own laundry soap. ((True story.))

This year I am completely torn. My girls want to be very specific characters, and I wont just be able to spray paint, or crochet a wig. I know at the very least this year we will be buying two wigs, and hopefully making the rest of the costumes… but I still don’t know.

Here is a glimpse at last year’s costumes:


Comic Book Girl:

Everything for this costume we had on hand… except for the hair. So total cost for this costume was… $2.00 (for the yarn.)


Jem. As in Jem and The Holograms: (Thank Netflix for this one)

Much like Comic Book Girl, we had everything on hand for this costume except for the microphone and pink hair in a can. (We sprayed an old wig with spray on hair color.) My daughter ravaged through my scraps bin and made about three other versions before she settled on this look.

Total cost: $3.59 +tax

$2.59 for the spray on hair color & $1.00 for the microphone
(and yes… that’s my old studded braclet. Don’t judge. You can’t have worked at Hot Topic back in the day and not have one kicking around somewhere.)

I loved these costumes so so much that I even had to photograph them during lunch. …and of course when it was time to go trick-r-treating we had to ruin the costumes with coats…
It is upstate NY after all.