Andrew & Maria


Brother? Cousin? Friend?


Our moms met at church roughly 25+ years ago, and hit it off. Every Christmas morning we went over to their house to exchange gifts and see their loot. Thanksgiving was always at our house, and all the in-between holidays were scattered here and there with picnics, game nights, and random potluck dinners made of leftovers. Last night as Andrew and Maria were leaving, we were talking about how to classify our family. We settled on family. Everyone knows that sharing a blood line isn’t the only way to maintain a family. Last night was a nice reminder of that.

Andrew and Maria recently (and by recently I mean within the last year) completed a cross-country bicycle trip.

You can read the blogs they kept ::here:: <—– click it —–> and ::here::

These two have many adventures in store for them. I can’t wait to see where life takes them next!