Revenge Tattoo Parlour and Art Gallery :: Grand Opening featuring Totally Gnarly!


This weekend (in Amsterdam, NY) Michael and Emily Hopkins celebrated the grand opening of Revenge Tattoo Parlour and Art Gallery! They kicked off the opening with a live band (Totally Gnarly!) and an art show. It was nothing short of amazing. The space was packed with friends, family, and some of 518s finest tattoo artists. You will need to stop in for a visit yourself. The new space is incredible. Private bays, a waiting room covered floor to ceiling in some of the best tattoo flash, and stellar company.

Mike and Emily have totally outdone themselves. Head over there and get yourself some art. You wont regret it. 95% of my tattoos are 100% their creations. Start to finish. They are true artists. Get on that. Go on. Feel what it’s like to work with a real artist.

Revenge Tattoo Parlour and Art Gallery
2 East Main Street
Amsterdam, New York