1.1.16 – A look back on 2015



Of the tens of thousands of images I took this year, I have only released a small fraction of them out into the world. I don’t mean the images that go to my clients. I mean the photos I share on social media, in the comfort of my home, or with good friends over coffee.

Some are in hiding because of confidentiality contracts, others I am rather impatiently sitting on…waiting for a magazine to print, and others still… more than not… didn’t make the cut. They aren’t enough, they’re too perfect, or they are just simply lacking. They are lacking the right light, the layers, the textures, the emotions, and the imperfections.

These are my favorites from the past year:

These are the ones from my phone that made the cut:

Thank you all so much for making me a part of your world. For trusting me to document it, to find the light, the imperfections, and the quiet moments that often go unnoticed. It means the world to me♥