The K Quilt

(This post is a mix of images from my phone and camera.)

Over the course of  a week this six year old made a full size quilt. I helped quite a bit, but she really worked hard on her quilt. She spent hours at a time sewing and cutting. 

We followed a few different “quilt as you go” tutorials picking things here and there that worked well for us.

We went through quite a bit of thread. I’ve never seen so much thread just vanish before.

She cut sweaters, dresses, pants, shirts, and pieces of old ratty blankets to use in her quilt. After cutting out the smaller squares she created bigger squares out of four smaller squares.

We used a 4½ plastic quilting square and we made our own 8½ x 8½ cardboard square for the bigger t-shirts and to cut the batting down to size.

Once the patterns were made she/we sewed four smaller squares together to make one larger square. ((Wash.Rinse.Repeat.))

Once we finished with that we sewed the batting onto each 8½ x 8½ square.

Once all the batting was sewed on all the squares, she laid them out on the floor, and rearranged them quite a bit before it was the way she wanted it to be. At that point we started sewing them in rows, and once the rows were finished we connected the rows.

Then we finally were able to sew the backing, and edging on the quilt.  THIS is the tutorial that we found the most helpful. However, we didn’t baste anything.