About Me

DIY | Backyard | Theme weddings, environmental portraits, mail art, grandmas, Tom Waits

1984: I took my first picture using my parents  Polaroid. The picture was of my grandmother.  You could tell from the lighting and composition that I was a child prodigy.

1987: I took a visually stunning shot of (part of) my grandmother (again), along with her laundry. The comparisons to great photographers such as Annie Leibovitz and Arnold Newman began.

1988-1997: I spent my childhood and early teen years as a socially awkward girl who was always behind her camera.

1998: I started taking classes at Munson Williams Proctor Art Institute. I  was able to study photography with Keith Sandman, who was apparently impressed with my laundry and grandmother photos.

2000: I began spending a lot of money that my parents didn’t have at the Hallmark Institute of Photography. I spent 16+ hours a day learning everything known to humans about how to take truly outstanding photos of grandmothers, laundry and everything in between.

2002-2008: I traveled. I took chances. I took millions of photographs and made not one cent for doing so. Had my first baby, and fell in love.

2008: I married the raddest person I’ve ever met and I was asked to shoot my first wedding. And the rest, as they say, is history. Well, sort of…

2009-2014: Shot all the weddings, became a celebrity meet and greet photographer, was published for the first time, had my second baby, and started homeschooling my kids.

2015-2020: Continued photographing weddings. Started shooting film again. My husband built me a darkroom. Began working with artists and spaces. Had my first magazine publication, and heartbreakingly had to say goodbye to my grandma and her laundry.

2020-current:  Diagnosed with uterine cancer. Cleared of uterine cancer. Photographed HOME 2020. Started shooting primarily tiny private weddings. Lost my dad, dove headfirst into fine art photography and into my darkroom to find healing and peace.

I began working vendor events and selling my photography under a tent meeting lots of different makers and finding my niche audience. My babies are now teenagers and are some of the coolest people I know. I spend my days creating art, listing to audio books, homeschooling, and legitimately living the dream with my husband.