It’s about that time…


::Getting Personal::

How are the costume’s coming at your house?? Dressing up is about the only thing I like about Halloween. It’s just so much fun! We decided to share our costumes early this year! With all the upcoming mini sessions, I don’t know how much time I’ll have for my personal work.

Photographing my two year old gnome is a challenge and a half!  So so busy. No time for standing still. I’m just glad she’s obsessed with the hat! We scored this costume last year at Target for 70% off. I have a bit of a gnome obsession and couldn’t walk away from it!

Last year my six year old decided that she wanted to be Jessie from Toy Story. We were able to make everything but the hat!

I’m going to break down the cost on this because HEY, who doesn’t like a good deal!

Jeans: $0.00 They are an old pair that I dug out of  the “too small” bag.

Chaps: $0.20 I made these out of a t-shirt I won at a concert and a sheet of felt

Belt: $0.20 One black felt sheet + yellow scraps

Shirt: $0.20: The shirt also came out of the “too small” bag. It has chocolate milk stains, but you can’t see them because they are covered by the yellow felt and scraps of leftover yarn. Sweet!

Hair: $2.23 I crocheted this. (1.5 hours)

Hat: $5.99 We were on our way to the Dollar Store to pick up a cheap cowboy hat to spray paint, but we found ourselves in the Halloween Store.  I figured six bucks was worth it since we made everything else.

Total cost: $8.82 (and I still have enough leftover yarn to make another wig, or a winter hat for one of the girls!)

Here’s to fake smiles and over done cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezes.


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