I’d like to take a moment and introduce  you all to my new business partner and manager- Dan Beck:

If that name sounds familiar, it’s because Dan also happens to be my husband. This is a good thing, for many reasons… the main reason being that I’ve never been very good with the “business” aspect of my “photography business”. Like many photographers, I got into this whole thing so that I could do what I love- expressing myself through art. My chosen medium happens to be photography.  I didn’t become a photographer with the intention of starting a business and making money. If I could just shoot and not worry about the money aspect of it, I would be much happier. The truth is,  I’m not good at promoting or marketing myself. I hate dealing with contracts and asking clients for payment.  I always forget about my twitter account and I don’t know anything about search engine optimization. Luckily, Dan does and will be helping me with all of that and then some.

To give you a little bit better idea of what Dan is like, here’s some quick details. He has is graduate degree in elementary education. He’s been a musician for most of his life (currently playing drums with GOLDTOOTH, a live hip hop project based out of Albany, NY). He loves robots and comic books, cigars, iced tea, his beard, and . . . me.  And well, he’s just awesome.

 I’m thrilled to have Dan step into this role because this will allow me to spend more time doing what I love most – photography. Dan has a lot of awesome promotional ideas that he’s bringing to the table right now, and I have a lot of ideas for lifestyle series.   Stay tuned, because these ideas are about to turn into plans, and we’ll be filling you in over the next few weeks.


I love this guy.

(It is a most excellent beard.)