Once in a Blue Moon: Dee&Deb’s 8.31.12 Wedding!


Photographers note: While sitting in my car after leaving Deb and Dee’s wedding, I was scrolling through the images on the back of my camera, and I was tearing up with incredible joy. Editing these images and inserting them to this posting has had the same effect on me. You see, the day these two beautiful ladies married, wasn’t only a Blue Moon…. it was their 24th anniversary. TWENTY FOURTH! They have stood for 24 years. Dee and Deb’s relationship has outlasted over 50% of marriages, but only in the year 2011 were they finally able to be legally wed in the state of New York.  Working with these ladies was an absolute honor and privilege. I have never been in the presence of two people more deserving of a marriage certificate. I wish the two of you a lifetime of health and happiness!

2 thoughts on “Once in a Blue Moon: Dee&Deb’s 8.31.12 Wedding!

  1. Dee & Deb
    It looks like you had a special & wonderful day. Unitiing
    With a wonderful memory! Of your marriage.
    You both looked Beautiful.
    God bless !!
    Congratulations to Both.

  2. The entire day and occasion looks like it was planned with love and respect for each other. Just wonderful memories.


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