8 thoughts on “Wendy Costa’s art, home, and studio.

  1. Sarah Beck Rocks!!!, she has an eye for detail., plus she’s sweet as pie and very easy to work with.
    I highly recommend her!. 🙂

  2. Hi Wendy, I took the tour of your studio/home. It is Beautiful !!!!!! Wow ! Where could I purchase your socks ? I have bought them from you in the past at shows, and they are a big hit with others. So is the Boston Glove purse. I get so many compliments on both, and always let others know that you are the artist ! Liz

  3. Your home and studio feels like an artist’s fantasy land. You can get lost in the beauty of each unique piece of work. Thank you for sharing all of your talents with us. xoxo

  4. I only hope you will bring your whimsical socks back. I love wearing mine ! Love your home/studio, is it open to the public ? Liz

  5. Such fun seeing all of these pictures. We were next to each other at a Richard Rothbard show in West Springfield, Ma, I believe 1989, an early show for both of us. Saw you later when we were both in the Wendy Rose shows. Great seeing that your work is continuing to delight! Do you sell anywhere in the Chicago area?

  6. Wendy, what an amazing thing to have done! You’ve created a huge space that reflects and magnifies your soul. Corbusier said that buildings are machines for living; your building feels like a machine for dreaming and daydreaming and re-charging and pondering and re-centering.

  7. Hi Wendy, Your studio/Home is beautiful, i’ve been to the shows and I’ve purchased from you before, I didn’t know if your studio was open at this time? I located in the Albany area, With/out coming to the studio I’m interested in socks and small 10 x 4 zipper bags, maybe larger as well, thank you

  8. Wendy, your brilliant talent and genius shine through each magnificent photo. If in a lifetime, an artist could envision and create one of your masterpieces, they might feel successful. The home that you and Rod have extravagantly brought to life is a whimsical, magical, and welcoming world! The World of Wendy!
    Sarah captured the essence of your art in each photo. What a perfect team!!

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